Sunday, 9 May 2010

Iris and the Snail

Recently brought to the attention of Matta Clark, and ye old Richard Wilson, a hearty attack on the IRIS building was inevitable. The current project that is to be worked on is the advertising company Iris Nation based in a Cold War Relic. 10inch thick concrete lines the outside of this cold and ultimatley dead building that is meant to hold one of the brightest and quickest growing advertising agencies in the world. An international branding firm, held captive in one of architectures mistakes. So whats the soloution? I cant help but loath the coating of this site, a dense and uniform, rough and grey material, so why not show it off, why not highlight the brutality of the unit? So i begin the quest to spatial attack this building buy cutting and pulling sections out to re align the building and make it interesting, exciting, and valuble to Iris and the new enhabitance by the general public. Alas i feel that my progress is on a par with a snail challenging the mighty quest of the garden path crossing, essentially, fruitles. But like the mighty snail, i will battle on, snuggle in the shell when times are hard, leave trails of drawings, and achieve the goals of any garden insect, to avoid the wrath of the tutor bird!!

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