Saturday, 12 March 2011


Online blogs are difficult. Much is said, and little meant. Stories delivered, anxieties explored, anecdotes poor from the finger tips of one eager blogger to the next. Success comes to the few.

They’re difficult because their both sides of wrong. It is the grey area of bad, it is the loop holes of law, and the miss fits of society, and with this, an explanation is due it’s course, although I would imagine that you already know.

You write in a dairy because it’s private, but that very definition you can right in complete confidence that no one else is going to read your inner most thoughts, and your inner most thoughts might just be the most profound thoughts you’ve ever had….but then again, your consideration of the earth moon lift being the next best thing for man kind may, to the same extent, be the most ridiculous thought anyone has ever had. But regardless, it doesn’t matter what you talk about, be it naughty fantasies, how you might wash the under side of somewhere you wouldn’t talk about with your closest friend, or deliberating the Con-Lib debacle, it’s private, it’s yours, and it cant be judged.

You’re a journalist, a columnist, and you strive to pick out the gems of literacy genius. You strive for poetic argument and humours anecdotes. You depict the current climate of toady’s societies, and suggest the road we might be blindly stumbling down. You paint pictures so vivid with your words, that…perhaps you should have just hired a painter, but never the less, its published work, but it’s also judged work. The true kicker, is that it’s paid…a sort of compensation for delivering the ideas contained within the thicket of your brain in a digestible and politically correct manner.

The blog on the other hand, takes the bad points of both these styles, and congeals them into one handy mess for us to continually negate, ignore, and aimlessly plough through. The blog offers little chance of getting paid, unless of course we subscribe to the off chance that leaving an advert page to the side may lead to one of my many followers getting credit checked, getting a loan, and me receiving a pitiful one off reward. On the same line, it offers us little freedom to write what we truly want to right about.

I am in the constant knowledge that I have at least one fellow blogger that will engage with these slightly erratic words and lay a judgmental eye over the ideas I attempt to communicate, but at the same time, there is good chance that no one will read this, so opportunity to right full heartedly has been missed.

But I can help but feel that there is a point, there is a pull, there is a squirming little part of my gut…or what ever it is in there, that’s saying to write, that’s saying to type, that’s saying to think these things, even though I know I will inevitably change my stance with in the week.

What is a blog for…?

It’s ruddy difficult…

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