Sunday, 11 December 2011

If I could write...

If I could write what I wanted to write to apply for my MA, it might have started like this…

“Dear Good Sir/Madame

I am applying to your course today because I want to know more, understand more, create more. I am desperate to be among those that know, and discover, among those that think harder and more deliberately than anyone else in the field of architecture and design. I want to take from your compatriots that what I hope they can take from me, a sense of perspective that only they or I have.

I wish to discover something within my skill set that I can offer to a greater audience, and work with others to create something unique, interesting, and ultimately…fun. I don’t yet know what this “thing” might be, and I don’t yet know how I might go about discovering what it is that I want to create. I don’t know where I will be in 12 months time, and I can’t comprehend what it is that might appear from much discussion, thought, a dabble of model making, and reams of drawings in some form of media. But I can promise you it will be comprehensive, exciting, and, wish a twist of charm, challenging….”

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