Sunday, 29 January 2012


Don’t be slow, you can’t be slow, you must be fast. Faster, better, faster, stronger, better…more courageous.

You must be smarter.

Campaigns to be noticed, see me, look at me, notice me. I am better, best, the best. I am taller, broader, shorter, quicker. I am quicker than him, them, all of them. I’m more humble, gentle, and gentlemanly. Campaigns to be greater, great, the greatest. The most intelligent, witty, and fantastic. Campaigns to be there, not there, but here, here with you, in front. Campaigns to be ahead, to be in front, to be the highest, first, the winner. To win. Campaigns to win. Win the game, beat the game, be the game. Campaigns to move faster, think faster, consume faster.

Post more, tell more, share more, know more, know the most, post the most, share the most. I am the most. I am the most of everything. Campaigns to better us, to better you, to be better. Know, tell, nurture the future, you know the future. Tell, hold, and command the future. You can’t be behind, you can’t be behind, and you can not be behind.

Struggle, race, fight for the front, push for the front, battle for the front.

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  1. transparent woman2 February 2012 at 12:13

    oh how that resonates ... confidence is all (but where's the substance), market yourself (are you just selling words), sell yourself (for how much), be opinionated (but not passionate)....
    but - have inner strength, empathy, strive for a better (not bigger) society ... then told you're out of date and resistant to change ...I just dont get it