Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Promise

Fury with ones self is a common occurrence in the ongoing battle fought between you and....well, you. A sense of despair with your mind running a riot with ideas, fulled with concepts and theories from the latest Frame Magazine or Monograph, or the daily ritchual of Dezeen. But the problem is, none of these ideas seem to materialise themselves..pen in hand, paper in front, the simple task of putting the two together should be easy as falling over, alas, it isn't to be. Your held back...by what?! is it arrogance, to much pride that you wont allow your self to be criticised. After all, if there is nothing to look at, how can anyone judge it?!

I'm not sure this is always true, but maybe I'm just protecting myself...of course, being judged is no wild brown bear that could slash your feet, or a bee that could sting you in the eye, or even an elephant that could sit on your face, but its certainly something that everyone is a little fearful of...

They say to overcome any fear, you must face it head one....stair down the barrel of a gun....pee into the wind! You must take it by the horns, thrash it around, beat it to a pulp, conquer that that you never felt you could conquer. Kick it, embrace it, brake a porclin jug over it, tackle it to the ground and make it submit under your directions!!!! Think William Wallace, Nelson Mandela, Bob the Builder....can we do it? of course we bloody can....so today i leave you with this, a promise to be open and frank, to show my work to the masses (or few, as followers are only at 3), be it shameful or whimsical, effortless, pointless, great, or weak...and allow you to comment, applaud, and critic.

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