Saturday, 10 April 2010


As I filter through the never ending pages of a “google” search I discover a plethora of under world activities. From donkey racing to slug keeping, egg collecting, cheese rolling, mother tattoos, yet another travellers blog, a guide to the political race, how to get thin fast, how to get thin really fast, how to get thinner faster by eating more, and of course, the unknown speciality, and mysterious notion of “architecture”.

You see, the words I search was for Buckminster Fuller, a well known architect from the regions of ye old America, better known for the Geodesic dome and lesser known for his washing up methods. Still as I went looking for the Truncated Octahedron for a display at the V&A, I found myself pondering….yes pondering, pondering why we create shapes, forms, styles, anything. Does anyone actually care if I use a truncated octahedron, or some mysterious shape I pulled out of the murky depths of my weary brain? Does the joe actually care if its this that or the other? I often discuss this notion with friends, and we conclude that….well actually, we never conclude, it’s an ongoing battle against no one…it’s on a par with the British and the Weather! We will fight it, with hammer and tongues, with umbrellas, patio heaters, and Mediterranean beer we will stand up and fight it, but alas, the weather will always prevail. And in this case, we always out talk ourselves into a continuing loop of metaphors, theory, and practicality to no avail. So I ask you…yes, I can now say “you”, my one follow, what do you think? Do we need theory? Does there need to be depth in architecture, or can we judge it like a book: by its beautifully drawn, colourfully depicted cover with the fat “half price” sticker on it?

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