Friday, 9 April 2010

Strange Beginnings

Today seemed like as good a day as any to start what i hope to be a fruitful, engaging, and perhaps strange attempt to share through the ever tested medium of "the blog". I'm not sure what i wish to gain from doing this, especially as i have a readship of the lonely So as i write i am in fully conciousness that i am the only one to read this. So whats the point you may ask? you?...i'm asking a question to no one. What is the point i may ask? well there is no point now, but sod it, some dreamy man from pengium publishers may stumble accross my blog whilst trying to research the latests ASBO connundrum. It may become one of those serrindipitous moments where he asked his secretary to look up "ASBO", where she miss hears him for "ESPO", without hesitation, for she fears to question her boss, she types in the miss heard pronounciation, and stumbles across said blog, the Pengium man is passed a printed documents of my blog, and bobs your uncle...I have been discovered...hurrah!.....Hurrrnoooo. For you see, i'm not that lucky, and also, i have made a clear sexist steryotype to the roles my charachters play in the discovery of well founded publisher would invest in that? or would they....? Time of course, will play its roll, and in due course, we shall find out.

But i suppose this has been no real introduction to who, or i guess, what i am. A dare not say that i am a student of design, as the mere mention of student would suggest a care free attitude, not learnad of the world, insicure, stupid, pathetic, drunken lout....the usual. I will admit, i cant spell, and i rarely check, so for this i can only apologise. But i will stand by the fact that i am not your typical student, and i'm not the "High rennaisance man" of Bristol, neither the gentlemen from "Gap Yah", i am a Student of Architecture, working a 95 hour week, content on exploring, understanding and questioning the things i know and see. The problem however, is that i explore insignificant things, i dont always understand, and the questions i ask? well...we need not dabble in that one.

But i can only hope, as i listen to the awe inspirinig tune to Gladiator, that as this Blog is to progress, the exploring, understaning, will arise in spoons, spades, trucks....any sized container of moving the metaphor. So i leave you for now, with a smile, a jaunty wink, a pat on the pat notion...

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