Thursday, 15 April 2010


Weary eyed, grey and wrinkled, the night goes on...without an ending insight. Darkness folds in, enclosed in the blackness of the night sky, a row of laptops beating a bright aw onto the disgruntled faces on my fellow workers. Red Bull cans littler the floor around us, pizza boxes and their crust counterparts cover the work tops. As the eye lids become heavier, jokes become stranger, more forced, more incomprehensibly bad! We draw upon old classics, and misguide our energies into engaging and imagining more ludicrous scenes concocted by our peculiar minds, rather then spending it on finishing the work.

But why do we put ourselves through this repeated session of sleepless nights...well this time, its for a display of work to be held at the magical, historical, beauty of space we all know as the V&A. So, as promised from before, i share with you, some of the images to imbed themselves on the eyes of the audience to which we present tomorrow.

The concept is for DePloy, a womens high end fashion brand, to be situated on the prorifery of Covent Garden. We were to combine the the store with a secondry social function, and in this case, it was for ex-servicmen that had become homless.

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